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How Technology Empowers our Schools?

We have listed few points on how technology empowers our teachers, students and schools:

  1. Enhanced School Programs and Activities

       School documentations and manual operations can be very tedious and time consuming but        with the use of the different technologies available these areas of the school operations can        upgrade into a higher level of efficiency. A very good example of this is the online                          registration and enrolment. Instead of parents and students going to the school to process          requirements and pay tuition fees, they can now opt to use the school's enrolment and                payment facility - saving them more time and energy.

       Now its easier for school staff to gather information and data from parents and students.              With the use of online school management systems, these information are stored in a                  centralized database capable of generating value adding reports that will assist school                administrators and owners in formulating school programs and activities.     

       These software management tools will take care of all school documentations and records          so that school administrators, teachers and staff can focused more on improving school              programs and curriculums dedicated to the growth of the students. 

   2. Focused Teaching and Improved Learning

       Teachers are our heroes in the educational arenas. Its crazy to imagine teaching, interacting        and dealing with 20 to 50 students with different kinds of personality and attitude coming              from different family backgrounds and environment. But with the aid of technology, our                  teachers can prepare standard modules and lesson plans using videos, graphics and                  presentations that are easily accessible by the students from time to time. This will give                teachers ample time to focus more on the needs of the students and dedicate one on one            conversations to address academic and scholastic performance as well as morals and                conduct.

       In addition, there are available software tools that helps our teachers automate their grade          computations, attendance monitoring and other essential school documentations. This                automation will empower our teachers to shift their time from doing these manual tasks to            building creative and interactive classroom discussions.  

   3.  Active Parent-Teacher-Student Collaboration

       A parent is a child's first teacher. Moving the classroom to our homes allow every parent to         get involved with the education of their children. Before the pandemic, homeschooling was           already a progressive movement in most of the developing countries and even in the                   Philippines. In this set-up, parents play a major role in mentoring and developing their                   children with the aid of manuals and with the guidance of our teachers. 

      Some of the most advanced educational tools allow parents to monitor real time the                     academic and scholastic performance of their children including school attendance and               participation in various school activities.

      When parents and families are involved in the education, significant benefits will greatly               manifest in our students and teachers. Students demonstrate positive attitude towards                 school and learning, higher achievement and test scores, improved behavior and conduct           and increased in homework completion. On the other hand, teachers report greater job                 satisfaction and effective communication with families which will result to higher evaluation           ratings.

Technology has continuously provide the educational landscape with sophisticated tools to facilitate teaching and learning to a higher degree. These advancements will equip our teachers, students, parents and schools to prepare for future careers and innovations. 

Rhea Debbielou Partosa

Rhea is the Chief Financial Officer of Ally Techno Grit Solutions Corporation.