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AccuSchools Management System

AccuSchools Management has different modules and features available to assist school admins, teachers, staffs, and others through a multi-functional platform.

ONLINE ADMISSION - Having a good school management system in place allows the students and parents to enroll online. The information collected are then evaluated by school admission officers directly from the system.

STUDENT INFORMATION - All academic records and student information can easily be access through the application. Documents can be properly managed without having the need to deal with too much paper.

FEES MANAGEMENT - Monitoring for receivables, overdues, additional school fees and other miscellaneous school charges would be more convenient to finance and accounting staff with this module.

GRADEBOOKS - Student grades and ratings can be encoded in the system by school teachers and class cards can be shared to the parents. 

TIMETABLE & ATTENDANCE - With the school management system, the teachers and staff will have ease in scheduling class assignments and monitor the attendance of the students.

COURSES & BATCHES - The system has the capability to organize a number of courses and batches with a volume of student information.

ACCESS ROLES - School Admins, Teachers, Staffs, Students and Parents has different access to the system. Each role has a unique access to the different modules and has different dashboard views.

COLLABORATION - Dynamic and virtual collaboration in the school community is one of the key feature of this software application. 

Rhea Debbielou Partosa

Rhea is the Chief Financial Officer of Ally Techno Grit Solutions Corporation.