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What You Need to Know About Accounting Softwares?

  1. This is the Digital Age, you will use it on a daily basis. No matter what kind of accounting you specialize in or whether you work for a private company or a public firm, you'll use accounting software on a daily basis.
  2. Employers want accountants updated knowledge and skills. In this new age of technology one of the most in-demand non-traditional skills for accountants is the expertise in information technology which is valued at the same level of having “Good Communication Skills”, “Leadership Abilities”, etc.
  3. Accounting Softwares will not replace Accountants. You may have read articles talking about technology eliminating the need for accountants. Don't believe the hype. AccuBooks software is a tool to assist you to come up with precise financial reports and gives you more time to tend to your other tasks.
  4. Software is driving an evolution in the role of the corporate accountant.
  5. If you studied it, there's software for it. Software Developers have created software for every imaginable business accounting process. Beyond core accounting modules such as the general ledger, accounts payable, software functionality exists for job costing, bank reconciliations, cash management, budgeting, tax preparation, forensic accounting, financial statement compilation, asset depreciation and beyond.
  6. There are amazing resources available to build accounting software skills. Most accounting degree programs now include requirements for course work dealing generally with business technology and specifically with accounting software. But additional accounting software training and expertise can help new graduates get a headstart up the job ladder.
  7. Learning how to get up to speed on new accounting systems is an important skill to master. Learning systems take time and hands on practice. Find the right reports for the decision makers, then tackle how to create those reports as quickly as possible, because accounting data is only useful if it is timely and provides management with the info they need to make decisions.
  8. Software and Technology expertise can pad your paycheck. Updated skills and knowledge will add up to your market value wherever you go.
  9. No Amount of Software knowledge can replace a firm understanding of accounting fundamentals. A question many accounting students will ask themselves is this: with sophisticated software so readily available, should i focus on learning software or on accounting practices and theory? The answer of course, is both. Software skills are necessary but not a substitute for accounting expertise. 

Rhea Debbielou Partosa

Rhea is the Chief Financial Officer of Ally Techno Grit Solutions Corporation.