What is Software Development and its types

What is software development?

The development of software is a process of using a specific language to generate standalone or individual software. It consists of writing a series of interrelated programming code that gives the developed program functionality.

Software development can also be referred to as software design and application development.

Software Types:

The software belongs based on its use and application to three main groups. Here are the most popular software categories.

System Software

The program used by your computer to translate input commands to machine-readable language is also called the operating system or the OS. Software. The OS controls the hardware components of a computer.

Application Software

This is the most common application for work on your computers and smartphones. Famous examples are text processing apps, Internet browsers, media players, photo editing instruments, anti-virus, and even SAS products.

Programming Languages

This is the software programming language. Only coders are used for the creation of programs. Java, C++, PHP, and Simlab are the programming languages.

Regina Lansangan

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