A Dashboard is usually the first page on the web application for users to see. This is the page where data, trends, and summaries, etc. are analyzed. Often important pieces of information from the web application are dynamically reported.

The example of the Accubooks Accounting & ERP System Dashboard can be seen in the thumbnail.

The Dashboard should provide a summary of the application data and analysis and allow users to take action on these data. If reports help users know what measures to take to present the data, a dashboard should do the same and enable users to act on that data.

In Accubooks Accounting & ERP System Dashboard, you can immediately see how your company performs with adaptable reports and dashboards. Income against costs, budgets, collections, etc. Income against expenses.

Do you need help with your Accounting System? Would you like to automate your accounting system approval processes?

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Regina Lansangan

Digital Marketing Intern at Ally Techno Grit Solutions