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What are the qualities to look into a Software Development Company?

1. Vision and Passion

A software development partner who is fully committed to assist in fulfilling the vision and mission of your company might be the top quality that you should look for. A company that will not only be there for the short-term projects but will help you all through out.

It's also best that the software development team are visionary individuals. People whose main focus is innovation. The technology landscape has always been changing from time to time. It's best to hire a team that always see whats in the future and how your company will be in its competitive advantage in its industry.

2. Experience and Credentials

When it comes to customized software applications, there is always no standard format to follow. However, it is best to hire a software development team with experience on similar software applications or situation because they have preexisting ideas and insights on the matter allowing them to create finished applications easier and with higher quality. 

A thorough evaluation of past projects and experiences of the prospective software development companies would be a great idea to check whether their credentials fit the requirement of the application you want to build.

3. Safety and Security

Data Security has been one of the most vital business concerns right now especially that most of the information are exchanged through several platforms and most software applications are hosted in the cloud. It is best to consider that before embarking into a partnership with a software development company you have to identify certain areas in their business processes or protocols that will help safeguard and protect confidential and relevant information. 

4. Support and Maintenance

Most of the predicament of companies when hiring software development team who lacks long-term support and maintenance is that it would be difficult for them to contact and coordinate with their previous service providers whenever there is a system failure or there are issues that needs immediate fix.

It's best to look for an software development company that is committed to support the software application in the long-term, suggest enhancements from time to time and assist your company for major changes in the business and its processes.

5. Pricing and Costing

When it really comes to customized software applications, the price of the development and relevant costs matter. Upon evaluation, you have to check whether all the processes and features that you want in the application are properly discussed and that you have an accurate picture of the costs from the planning, development, testing, implementation and maintenance stage of the software. A software development company who is transparent with all the prices and costs would provide long-term benefits for your company.


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Rhea Debbielou Partosa

Rhea is the Chief Financial Officer of Ally Techno Grit Solutions Corporation.