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Cloud Technology

Here are some of these benefits:

1. Reduces IT Costs

Businesses no longer pay for additional manpower costs, hardware devices, system upgrades and maintenance.

2. Flexibility in work practices

Employees and business owners can access files and documents in their homes, while they are on holidays, while they are commuting to and from work and anywhere (provided they have internet connection).

3. Automatic system updates

Businesses can get the latest technology upgrades through cloud based technologies, sometimes these are free of charge as part of the contract.

4. Efficiency in operations

Employees and business owners have the flexibility of communicating transactions and sharing correspondences across different locations.

5. Business continuity strategy

Protecting and securing business data is part of business continuity planning. Storing data in the cloud reduces the risk of massive data loss due to natural disasters, power outage and other possible crisis.

Businesses are confident that data back-up and recovery procedures will not cause business interruptions and down times.

Rhea Debbielou Partosa

Rhea is the Chief Financial Officer of Ally Techno Grit Solutions Corporation.